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Jim has built a company that is more than just a company, J. Conroy is a team. Many of his employees having worked with him for upwards of almost 20 years or more. J. Conroy values every member of its team immensely, and prides themselves on the combined talent and knowledge of everyone involved on a project. This team has worked on countless commercial jobs, churches, celebrity homes, residential homes, and many government projects as well such as schools, hospitals, and prisons. Whether a start to finish project or a simple remodel, the work speaks for itself and that is the attitude the J. Conroy has always had and continues to maintain. If you want to see your dream home come to life, trust J. Conroy to make that happen.

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Owner & Founder

Jim Conroy

Jim is a man that is committed to excellence in every manor of the phrase. He has always prided himself on taking the hard jobs and producing a superior product than his competitors. Jim is a no bull, even “old-school” style of business man and still is involved to the smallest details in every project that J. Conroy participates in. He has always let the quality of work he does and his clients speak for him. He views his work as his trademark and takes an immense sense of pride in the quality but also the relationships he builds with his customers as projects progress. He understands that a project to any client is more than just a job and for many it’s a dream or vision they may have had for years and he treats his projects as such. Jim is also a man who is community focused and constantly involved in local organizations.


“At J. Conroy we want to be part of making your dream home a reality.” ~ Jim Conroy